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First time to kava? No need to fear! We are here to make your experience as enjoyable a possible. To make things even easier, below we will cover a multitude of questions you may have about kava before you come visit us.

What is Kava?

Kava, a South Pacific native tea prepared from the roots of the piper methysticum plant, is well known by its consumers to be relaxing, calming, and mood elevating. Additionally, kava is regarded for increasing socialization without mental impairment. 

IS kava addictive? 

Nope! Kava is chemically non-addictive and, contrary to most effect giving things, doesn't feature a tolerance build. On the contrary, actually, kava features a "reverse tolerance" meaning that with time your kava-tolerance will decrease instead of increase. You heard it right! A regular consumer will gradually feel more from less kava. Happy you, even happier wallet.

How does kava taste? 

We'll be honest with you, traditional kava is an earthy, acquired taste. Your first visit will be met with a sample shot of traditional kava and a thorough introduction to kava, its effects, and our menu. Upon first sip, you may notice a mild numbing sensation spread across your tongue. No need to fear, though, this is a natural process with kava and some consumers won't even feel it. If traditionally prepared kava isn't your thing, though, we have a ton of kava based "mocktails", kava infused smoothies, and simple syrups to add to your traditional kava to aid in the earthy flavor. 

Does kava get you high? 

No way! On the contraire, kava is praised for giving a noticeable relaxing, socializing, and mood elevating effect without getting you high or altering your consciousness. You read that right! So, aside from the therapeutic properties of kava, the benefits of it in social environments are profound (which is probably why everyone is so friendly here at The Kava Konnection)! 

Are there any non-kava drinks offered?

Yes indeed! We offer a multitude of non-kava drinks including draft kombucha, draft Due South Nitro Coffee, kratom, French press coffee, and an assortment of therapeutically formulated organic herbal teas.